Thursday, 11 June 2009

Saving Cheam Baths – We’re Nearly There!

Today’s Sutton Guardian reports that your Nonsuch by-election candidate, Georg Braun, is pushing for that final guarantee from Lib Dem-run Sutton Council that our local leisure facilities will be safe on the Malden Road site in North Cheam. For the story, follow:

As a local campaigner Georg knows that the facilities need to be updated but he also knows how local schools rely on swimming services on that sight for lessons.

Like many other residents Georg enjoys the Baths with his family and just like his neighbours he is fed up that our local area is always at the back of the queue for help from Sutton Council, making the North Cheam and Worcester Park areas the forgotten part of Sutton Borough.

On Tuesday 8th June the Council’s Lib Dem leisure boss confirmed that he plans to shut down Cheam Leisure Centre in the not too distant future.

Although he has finally agreed with our campaign for fair leisure access in the west of the borough, he won’t give the much-needed promise that the site will not be handed over to developers.

Georg and your local Conservative team want to see the Malden Road site guaranteed for local leisure provision. This forms a central part of Georg’s campaign for the by-election (polling day is on Thursday 2nd July) and he will continue to fight for our local area to put back on the Council’s agenda.

Together, we’re fighting to protect our area’s valued local services.


  1. The Leisure Centre has been allowed to fall into a state over the years. Has this been on purpose so that the council can shut it down?

    It needs up dating big time but I still want a leisure centre facillity on Malden Rd.

  2. it would be a great shame if the leisure center is no longer sittuated where it is now, its got to get replaced with more up to date modern facilities but keep it where it is!. ur right when you say we don't get much service in worcester park,i feel closer to kingston and epsom than sutton. shutting the baths down and moving services else where is not my fave idea!

  3. i am intrigued to know how exactly you could keep the current baths open but rebuild on the same site at the same time. or do you intend to keep it open till it falls down around our ears?
    we need a new bigger and better centre in the local area.