Saturday, 4 July 2009

Thanks for the Support

Well the campaign is finished, our excellent candidate Georg lost. Of course it is disappointing but we live to fight another day. It was clear that people are screaming out for some attention and investment into North Cheam and Worcester Park. Looking at the election material put out by the succesful candidate, it is also clear that they will be waiting for another year as the forgotten ward.

The Liberal Democrats offered no hope for the ward, even suggesting that you should be grateful for what the Council have given you on his Q&A on the Worcester Park blog. Instead they concentrated on MPs' expenses, despite the fact that the local MP is not as saintly as he would have you believe and of course, despite the fact that not a single thing will change in that regard as a result of this election. I know that Georg wishes Gerry well as Georg lives in the ward and has to live with the decisions taken.

Result in full.
  • Liberal Democrat 1665
  • Conservatives 1329
  • BNP 211
  • Lab 88

3298 ballots papers issued (41% turnout), 3 spoilt.