Saturday, 13 June 2009

Dangerous Pothole In Church Hill Road Sorted But More Action Needed From Sutton Council

A dangerous large pothole has been repaired in Church Hill Road. Georg Braun, your Nonsuch by-election candidate, is pleased that the Council has taken action to rectify this dangerous nuisance.

Georg is now backing Conservative efforts to get Lib Dem-run Sutton Council to sort out the remaining potholes on the borough's roads, following damage caused in the heavy ice and snowfall in February this year.

Throughout the campaign for the by-election (polling day is one Thursday 2nd July) Georg has been calling in blocked drains and potholes for attention by the Council.

He's hit the ground running, tackling positive action.

Earlier this year, after pressure from Conservative opposition councillors, the Council's administration coughed up £250,000 for a pothole repair fund, but only after the Council's Lib Dem highways chief was found red-faced after backing cuts of thousands and thousands of pounds to highways repair budgets. This embarassing move came days after the worse snowfall in decades.

A few months on itt seems the money has been run out and that many potholes remain unfilled and hazardous to motorists and cyclists.

For the amount of council tax we pay (which is at an all time high, see:, Georg and the team do not think it too much to ask for potholes and other dangerous nuisances on our roads and highways to be given proper attention by the Council.

Unlike the Lib Dem candidate, who did not attend a single meeting of a committee set up to tackle local issues when he was a councillor, Georg will fight for safe well-kept roads if elected to Sutton Council.

Good weather or bad, our highways need to be safe for motorists and cyclists.


  1. its not just potholes that bother me, its roadhumps. potholes are inverted roadhumps if you ask me!

  2. Sir,
    I have received your flyer. During the bad weather our roads were not sufficiently gritted and were unusable. This showed poor forward planning despite weather warnings.
    On the pot hole point you are right to point out the remaining damage in various areas. You say that the local council has a £250K fund. Is this typical of a local authority with the geographical size of Sutton LB? I have a suspicion this does not stack up favourably with other examples of Sutton LB expenditure in other areas.