Thursday, 25 June 2009

Our Area Needs Effective Youth Policies, Not Expensive Ones

Nonsuch by-election candidate Georg Braun has been speaking to local Conservative parliamentary candidate, Philippa Stroud, about effective ways of providing youth provision in our local area.

Philippa runs the influential ‘Centre for Social Justice’ think-tank which aims to provide effective solutions to the social problems affecting Britain today. Philippa’s work has helped to shape dozens of David Cameron’s policies to fix Britain’s ‘broken society’.

Georg and Philippa are concerned that Lib Dem-run Sutton Council is spending £8.5million of taxpayers’ money on a nearby controversial project called ‘The Sutton Life Centre’.
Georg supports Philippa’s work in getting national voluntary sector charities to establish real and effective youth work in the Borough. They both believe that the Sutton Life Centre will not provide the effective youth work local young people need.

Georg wants to use Philippa’s expertise nationally to address issues in the North Cheam and Worcester Park areas locally.

As a small businessman, Georg knows that the most expensive solutions are not always the best ones. Georg says: “Like Philippa, I think it’s not right that two youth centres and a number of voluntary sector youth groups have been axed to pay for the controversial Sutton Life Centre.

“I’ll be working with Philippa to find better youth provision solutions for our area. Residents can have their say on the expensive Life Centre and youth issues on polling day, which is on thursday 2nd July."

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