Saturday, 30 May 2009

Welcome to Change Nonsuch Blog!

Following the sad and untimely death of Nonsuch councillor Christopher Dunlop a by-election is taking place. Polling day is on Thursday 2nd July.

Local man Georg Braun is your Conservative Party candidate. Georg would like to be able to speak to everyone he hopes to represent in Sutton Council but this isn't possible.

Georg and the team think it is important to communicate with local residents and that part of the reason people switch off from politics is because they don’t feel informed of what is going on.

So, in an effort to keep North Cheam and Worcester Park residents informed Georg and the campaign team have set up this blog. They hope you find it useful and please don't hesitate to post comments to hear the views of the local Conservatives who want to represent you on Sutton Council.

You can follow the campaign and discuss the issues that matter to you.

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